Traditional baths

Classic vintage bathtubs are a truly exceptional piece of furniture: thanks to their delicate but important and decisive style at the same time, they are able to enhance any bathroom, giving life to extremely elegant and refined designs. In the following pages we offer you a wide range of classic bathtubs and contemporary retro solutions: buy a classic bathtub now and save thanks to our advantageous offers!

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Fashion is a cycle that repeats itself, passes and then returns. But in particular, if we talk about furniture, we see how in reality the classic style never becomes "obsolete", on the contrary it is continually renewed remaining, despite new modern trends, an important reference point in the world of design.

This is also true and above all for bathroom furniture which still continues to feed and keep alive the styles of the past, re-proposing them in a contemporary key.

Traditional baths

The classic bathtub, as well as the characteristic English-style bathtubs or bathtubs with feet, are solutions in great demand today: these models, in fact, marrying perfectly with the styles of classic sanitary ware, are perfect for vintage and retro bathroom furniture.

bathtub with feet - English style bathtub

Size and design

On our online catalog you will have the opportunity to find different models of traditional bathtubs, available in different materials, sizes and types such as:

-a bathtub with feet
- English style bathtub
- antique bathtub
- contemporary solutions without feet and classic freestanding bathtubs.

Choose the model that best suits your technical needs, respecting above all your personal taste to recreate a bathroom full of charm: our collection of classic bathtubs is in fact designed precisely for elegant and high-impact bathroom furnishings.

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