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Discover the excellent properties of an innovative material with our Solid Surface bathtubs: elegant design, perfect aesthetics and maximum durability. The Solid Surface, in fact, is an extremely functional material: it is not allergenic, it is non-toxic, it is very resistant to shocks and heat and it is completely recyclable. Buy a Solid Surface bathtub online: choose the model that best suits your needs from our catalog. Discounted and affordable prices for a safe and guaranteed shipping service!

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What is a solid surface bathtub: hygiene, aesthetics and indestructibility

solid surface bathtub In recent years there has been more and more talk of solid surface tubs , praising this or that product. But what specifically is this material? Let's start with the basics: the solid surface is a new generation material , artificial composed of acrylic or polyester resins, natural minerals such as aluminum tri-hydrate and, in the colored versions, of a variable quantity of pigments of different shades.

The main feature of this product, however, is that it is an ecological material , because it is 100% recyclable . At the sight you will see it uniform and homogeneous with an opaque color that can give life to articles without junction pieces and therefore very easy to clean .

To the touch you will find it silky and warm thanks to its non-porous texture that allows it not to absorb any substance and therefore to be highly hygienic and antibacterial. For this reason, it is also often used in hospital settings.

Another not negligible detail, the Solid Surface is non-toxic and fireproof .

In bathroom furniture this material is used for the production of bathroom furniture tops , bathtubs, designer washbasins and shower trays.

It is now clear that the freestanding model bathtub has conquered, in recent years, the leading position in the bathrooms; actually it would be more correct to say that bathtubs have regained their importance after years of absence, thanks also to the latest fashions that have transformed the bathroom into an area dedicated to well-being.

Protagonist of Victorian-era bathrooms, the free-standing bathtub arrived in the 1930s and was transformed into a recessed element until, in more recent times, it was even replaced by a more hasty shower, certainly less bulky. .

Today we are not only witnessing its rebirth, but new generation materials are used, which make it possible to have products of the highest aesthetic and technical quality . But let's go and see how a solid surface bathtub is made.

The Solid Surface inside a tank is presented in flat sheets with different thicknesses, thermoformed and joined together, without visible joints. The shape that will be obtained can be shaped by designers to one's liking and what distinguishes the products made with this material is precisely the fact that the processing , even in the case of large companies, remains almost artisanal , especially in the final finishing phase.

Why choose a solid surface freestanding bathtub: easy maintenance

freestanding solid surface bathtub A solid surface freestanding bathtub will be a purchase that will not disappoint you and will be an investment for the future. In fact, this hard and resistant material does not even need too particular maintenance and is extremely easy to clean . Every day you just need to take care of your solid surface bathtub, drying it with absorbent sponges or with a microfibre cloth; at most you can spray a mild sanitary cleaner. The important thing is not to use aggressive products. Anti-limescale gel is allowed, provided it is thoroughly rinsed.

Another advantage of the solid surface is that small scratches can be repaired using an abrasive sponge to scrape off the damage and make the surface homogeneous again.

Are you still wondering why to choose it?

There are many factors that have allowed this material to be preferred over others, such as acrylic for example. An example above all is the difference in temperature that occurs when the body comes into contact with the tub. The heat of the water, in fact, is retained much better during the duration in the bathroom. A solid surface bathtub has a greater resistance than the aforementioned acrylic one and, over time, is more durable . Finally, if you really want to be trendy, choose the matt white finish, the must of the moment !

The price of a solid surface bathtub is generally slightly higher than models in other materials. But of course, the greater attention to design and special attention to detail lead to a higher price compared to traditional bathtubs.

Of course all this will benefit your well-being but above all the design of your home.

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solid surface bathtub And if the latest trends require the Solid Surface bathtub, we at certainly don't hold back! On our online shop you can find some models of freestanding bathtub in Solid Surface such as that of the Ambra line with sinuous and delicate lines but at the same time functional and complete with all the technical-qualitative properties of the Solid Surface. The bathtub is available in 5 fashion colors!

Another example is the Lilia oval bathtub, also made of Solid Surface; it is characterized by an elegant line and a simple but refined design at the same time.

We are sure that on our online shop you will find the solid surface bathtub that's right for you!