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Round bathtubs are very original furnishing accessories that often recall the style of traditional retro bathrooms re-proposed in a modern - contemporary key. In this section of our e-commerce we offer you some models: find out which line of round bathtub fits perfectly with your bathroom furniture. All our bathtubs are of Italian production, guaranteed by the best brands in the sector. Super discounted promotional prices: here are our offers!

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round bathtubs measures - round bathtub dimensions The round bathtubs, thanks to their particular structure, furnish the bathroom with extreme elegance and originality. Their shapes recall the vintage style of the bathrooms of the past but with contemporary lines and cutting-edge functional features.

Curved and very welcoming lines that offer moments of well-being and relaxation: the round bathtubs are the ideal complement for a classic bathroom furniture but also for a modern and design furniture.

Round bathtubs

Like most of the bathtub models, the circular bathtub is also offered in different versions from the point of view of installation, such as:

- free standing tubs (free installation);
- built-in round bathtub;
- round freestanding bathtub

round bathtubs prices - round bathtub prices There are also various solutions for small round bathtubs available.

The choice will obviously depend not only on personal taste, but also, and above all, on the available surface.

A built-in bathtub is covered with panels or tiles, and is certainly the most economical solution.

(However, there is one thing to specify: the round bathtub is a niche product, which is why it has a higher cost than the average of common bathtubs).

The freestanding bathtubs have a very simple and quick installation. However, they do not have integrated taps but require an external tap, which can either be placed on the ground or a wall mixer (if the tub is obviously positioned close to the wall).

Round bathtub prices

As mentioned above, the round tubs have slightly higher costs than the average. We can say that the cheapest models are the round acrylic or marble resin bathtubs.

As a rule, a freestanding round bathtub costs a little more.
On the other hand, the solid surface tubs are much more expensive, a material of the latest generation, very versatile and resistant to wear.

Economic round bathtubs on IDEEARREDO

round tubs prices On our e-shop you can find different proposals for round bathtubs perfect for every need: round built-in bathtub, free-standing or free-standing ... you are really spoiled for choice.
Furthermore, our prices are really advantageous: take a look at the catalog, you will find many very affordable offers.