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The oval bathtubs integrate perfectly with any bathroom furniture thanks to their sinuous, delicate and symmetrical lines. From freestanding to built-in models, the oval bathtubs in our collection will allow you to experience intense moments of relaxation. Contact us to find out more and to get a personalized quote: you can take advantage of our offers by purchasing an oval bathtub at a super discounted price. 100% Made in Italy bathtubs.

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oval bathtubs prices - oval bathtubs dimension The oval bathtubs that we present in this chapter of our online catalog are characterized by clean and delicate lines, ideal for all those who are looking for a piece of furniture with a minimalist and simple design, but captivating at the same time.

In fact, the oval bathtub represents the essence of an austere and important style, especially in the center room version when it somehow becomes the undisputed protagonist of the bathroom. Furthermore, the oval tubs, perfect from an aesthetic point of view, are also very practical as regards maintenance and ordinary cleaning.

Given its importance, the oval bathtub must be chosen with care, taking great care to respect the style of the other furnishing accessories and the space available.

Oval bathtubs sizes and shapes

built-in oval bathtub - oval bathtubs prices As for the dimensions, as well as any other type of tub, even the oval ones are available in different sizes: more or less wide, they can have elongated or circular shapes.

Also available different models of small oval bathtubs, designed for those who have a bathroom that is not very large but who do not want to give up the comfort of a bathtub.

Oval built-in or free standing bathtub?

oval bathtub prices The main companies in the sector offer two main types of installation for this model: the oval built-in bathtub or the freestanding model.

Given that the ground installation represents a rather elite choice, the oval freestanding bathtub is a very popular model: here on our e-shop we offer you some models in classic style with feet and other models with a less elaborate but characterized design however from a truly refined mood.

Oval bath tub: which material to choose?

oval bathtub price The bathtub has undergone major transformations over the years, not only from the technological point of view but also from the point of view of design and materials. In fact, there are many new materials that characterize bathtubs today. Let's see the most requested.

Corian : new synthetic material, versatile and easy to work. Resistant and long lasting, it offers excellent properties at very affordable prices.

Resin : material composed of thermoplastic resins and polyester resins that make the surface smooth and very pleasant to the touch. Very resistant to bumps and scratches, it is easy to clean. It has slightly higher costs than other materials.

Acrylic : economical, resistant and durable material that allows you to keep the water hot longer. In routine maintenance you must be very careful not to scratch it.

Economic oval bathtubs: advantageous prices on IDEEARREDO

On our e-commerce you can buy oval bathtubs of the best brands. 100% Made in Italy products with a refined design. Our online sales service is safe and guaranteed, contact us for more information about it.