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The modern bathroom allows us to indulge ourselves a lot in the choice of furnishing accessories and accessories. In particular, in this chapter of our e-shop, we want to focus on modern bathtubs. Style, elegance and maximum comfort are the main features that characterize the modern bathtubs of our collection. Visit the website and contact us for more information: many promotional products and special offers are waiting for you! Our prices are the lowest on the web. We guarantee you a fast and safe sales service.

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Modern bathtubs
The ideal mix for a perfect product!

bathtub design Let's face it, the modern bathtub, thanks to its large dimensions and a very rigorous refined style, always becomes the main protagonist of the bathroom.
Square, rectangular, oval, whatever its shape, the modern bathtub is able to give the bathroom that extra touch of personality that makes the difference.

Today on the market it is possible to find many models: there is in fact a wide range of choices for the customization of sizes, colors, shapes and types of installation. The secret lies in finding the right combination for your bathroom, respecting the available space and the style of the entire furnishing context.

Modern design bathtubs: the materials

modern bathtub prices Modern bathtubs, like any other type of bathtub, can be made of different materials. Today the most popular materials are:

- acrylic , a material widely used for the construction of bathtubs because it is extremely light and easy to install. Even without particular reliefs, acrylic is an anti-slip material that has important antibacterial properties;

- marble resin , a natural material that recalls the appearance of marble and which at the same time remains brilliant thanks to a gel coat covering that also protects it from scratches, stains and bumps;

- resin , an easily modelable synthetic material thanks to which it is possible to recreate different shapes. Available in both matt or glossy versions, this material is very resistant to bumps and scratches and, in case of damage, it can be repaired quickly and easily. To the touch it is very warm, non-slip and very robust;

- Solid Surface , very light composite material, stain-resistant and extremely velvety to the touch. Like resin and acrylic, it can be made in different colors.

Design bathtub: shapes and sizes

modern bathtub prices Rectangular or square, oval or round bathtubs: the choice is really wide.
But the right question we have to ask ourselves in this case is: how much space do we have available?
In fact, this aspect will be decisive for our decision.

The modern style rectangular bathtub is certainly one of the most common models; it has a length of 170 or 180 cm and a width that can oscillate between 70 and 75 cm up to even 90 cm.

The modern oval bathtubs , compared to the rectangular ones that can be installed either in the center of the room or on the wall, are installed exclusively in the freestanding version. Their dimensions are roughly the same as the corner ones but require a lot of space so they are more recommended in large bathrooms.

Instead, corner bathtubs are often used to optimize space in the bathroom.

Then there are the square bathtubs , perfect for a free-standing installation, and the modern asymmetrical bathtubs , with more irregular shapes: these accessories are mainly chosen by those who love sophisticated design.

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