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The bathtub transforms the room into a small relaxation area

cheap bathtubs prices - bathtubs for bathbathtubs catalog - offer bathtub The bathroom is one of the places we live a lot during the day and, being used by all the members of the house, it is important that it is furnished and structured in compliance with the needs of each component. Today, bathroom furniture has evolved considerably, both from the point of view of aesthetics and comfort : these two fundamental aspects that, put together, are able to create authentic designer bathrooms.

This time we want to devote our attention to a very interesting topic from the point of view of furniture: we are talking about bathtubs . If you have arrived on this page of the catalog it is surely because you too have thought (at least once!) Of buying a bathtub: if you have any doubts or curiosities about it we will be very happy to help you.

IMPORTANT : Before buying a bathtub, the most important step is to first make sure you have the right space available . Having established this, and having made the appropriate assessments in relation to the square meters to be exploited, then you will be ready to start doing your research.
Here are some of the most important features to keep in mind when buying a bathtub.

Ergonomic and square shapes for modern bathtubs and classic bathtubs: choose the shape according to the style you prefer!

rectangular bathtubs prices - modern bathtubs pricesvintage bathtubs prices - retro bathtubs prices As for the appearance and design of a bathtub, we can say that there are different possibilities of choice depending on the type of furniture you prefer, classic or modern - contemporary or retro .

The rounded shapes, for example, most typical of vintage bathtubs and retro bathtubs offer maximum relaxation thanks to their ergonomic backrest that fits perfectly to the back allowing you to position the legs higher than the body and thus increasing the sensation of well-being.

The same comfort also for modern bathtubs with more squared lines: even the structure of a rectangular bathtub, in fact, is anyway designed in such a way as to guarantee maximum comfort.

The installation of a bathtub: bathtub in sight, built-in or with panels?

normal bathtubs - paneled bathtubs pricesbathtub not built into the floor, bathtubs not built into the floor, standing bathtubDiscover all our solutions and bathtubs on offer!
Do you already have in mind the type of bathtub to install in your bathroom? The choice is really wide: your task will be to find the right model, which is the balanced compromise between aesthetics, cost and functionality .

Below we present the different solutions that you can find on the market:

- Built-in bathtub (a normal bathtub!) - Traditional bathtubs
This type of tub corresponds to the most common model, that is the classic tub resting on the ground and covered by a tiled masonry support about 55/60 cm high; the built-in bathtubs can also be built into the floor, but these models mainly concern the ground-mounted whirlpools (very similar to those of a wellness center!).

- Tub with panels - Paneled tubs or external tubs
This tub model is made up of a shell and a support frame; it is covered with panels as many as only the sides not against the wall. This tub is usually leaning against one or two walls; it is practical to install and very convenient even in the event of a future replacement.

- Free-standing frestanding tanks
As can be seen from the name itself, this type of bathtub does not require support structures: it is a free-standing bathtub to be positioned in the center of the room; the classic bathtub models with feet are very popular.

Shapes, materials and colors of the bathtub online

buy bathtub - offers bathtubbathtub 150x70 prices - bathtub costs And even in these respects, the bathtub offers many possibilities for customization.
Consider that the larger the pools, the greater your comfort (space permitting of course!).

The most common models are the rectangular bathtub and the oval bathtub, while the most requested sizes for the bathtubs are:

- bathtub 140 x 70 cm;
- bathtub 150x70 cm;
- bathtub 120x70 cm;
- bathtub 100x70 cm;
- bathtubs 160x70 cm;
- bathtubs 130x70 cm;
- bathtubs 120 cm.

As for the materials, we can first say that ceramic bathtubs have significantly reduced their production in recent years: not because ceramic is not a good material, indeed, but simply because this type of component is more difficult. to work and allows to operate only with rather small tanks.

The alternative materials used today, on the other hand, are more adaptable to all sizes: we are talking specifically about Corian tubs, acrylic tubs, resin tubs and enamelled steel tubs. These are materials that are easier to transport and maneuver.

Although white is still the star color of bathtubs, because it brings light and spaciousness to the bathroom , modern bathtubs can be found in various colors or with colorful details. Keep in mind that too dark tones make your bathroom pale, so if you want to give a feeling of spaciousness, choose bathtubs in light and bright colors.

Sale of bathtubs: discover all our bathtubs on offer
Bathtub discounted prices

online bathtubs offers - bathtubs sale The range of bathtubs that we offer on our e-commerce is truly vast: there are many models, of all types: from built-in models to countertop solutions available in different materials.

All our products are made in Italy, certified and guaranteed by the best companies in the sector .
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Our prices start from a few hundred euros, up to more elaborate and design solutions from 500 euros and 600 euros, up to over 1000 euros. Furthermore, we guarantee fast, guaranteed and insured shipments .
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